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For the seventh year in a row, Gas South invited over 50 families of children with special needs to the Philips Arena to experience the magic of the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Show. The children were treated to a pre-show that allowed them to interact with clowns, animals and performers before the main event. The event is entirely free for the families and made possible through the partnership of Gas South, Metro Atlanta Mayors Association, and Feld Entertainment.In an effort to accommodate a range of special needs, the pre-show activities included sign language interpreters, touch and sound activities for visually impaired children, and seating arranged to fit wheelchairs and other mobility devices.Brianah, 12 along with her dog Julia, enjoyed dancing with the clowns and circus performers in the center ring.Quanaya Bah, 19, of Union City, can barely contain her smile as she prepares for the show.Story Anthonsen, 8, and Rachel Lore, 9, proudly wearing clown paint on her nose, anxiously await the elephant performance ring side.Maria Vescio, 6, and her mother, Ana Vescio, of Woodstock, take a quick peek inside their gift bag.Birthday Girl, Dakota Chamlee, celebrates her 11th birthday at the circus.Four year-old, Betty Jean Jones, takes in all the sights and sounds around her.Bennett Betts, 5, enjoys a center stage dance performance.Q Kellermeyer, 12, and his mother Debbie enjoy a bicycle performance.Many thanks to Dana Johnson, Fleishman Hillard, for allowing us to be a part of this thrilling event.

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It’s common knowledge that most Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) fields are male-dominated. In an effort to promote gender diversity within the software engineering field, Alexa Glick created Codess in March 2013. Codess is a community established for female engineers, sponsored by Microsoft, to explore ways to promote gender diversity in the field of engineering.Glick created Codess after experiencing the alienation of being the only female student in her Computer Science classes. Her mission is to inspire women to pursue their professional goals in technology, having access to a qualified network. The initiative has now become global, servicing areas across Eastern & Western Europe, Asia and the US. Events and workshops are held in various locations and serve as a platform for women coders to share personal and professional experiences, network and learn from one another.

The W Hotel, located in Midtown, was the site of the ‘Codess Atlanta: Think Big’ event. Attendees enjoyed cocktails and dinner, as well as an opportunity to network with other technical women in the area.A panel of senior women in technology took part in a Q&A session. The panel included: Lisa Reshaur, GM, Enterprise Business Continuity Management and Governance, Risk Compliance Microsoft; Nikki Santoro, VP, Product & Design, The Weather Channel; Li Chen, Principle Software Engineering Manager, Microsoft; and Sheryl Cherico, CEO Tier3MD.The Codess community is committed to breaking the gender stereotypes that exist in the STEM field. It aims to provide support to female coders through networking events, mentoring, and sharing advice and experiences. There is also hope that young girls will consider technology-related careers in the future.

AEP We would like to thank Amber Bush, Microsoft, for allowing us to capture this dynamic event.

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Atlanta offers a variety of things to do and see in the city. The attractions are as diverse as the population. AEP decided to highlight a few of the places we’ve captured over time. Hopefully you will decide to visit a few or all in the future.Center For Civil and Human RightsThe Center for Civil and Human Rights, located in downtown Atlanta, attracts many visitors each year. Stories of the struggle and courage of individuals around the world, for the protection of human rights, are highlighted throughout the museum.The Carter Presidential Center is located east of downtown Atlanta and is home to both the Carter Center and the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library and Museum. The Carter Center works to advance human rights, resolve conflict, and alleviate the suffering of humans worldwide. The Jimmy Carter Presidential Library and Museum contains memorabilia that spans the life of the former U.S. President from childhood through his presidency.Known for its collection of classic and contemporary art pieces, the High Museum of Art is considered the leading art museum in the southeastern United States. The museum is home to a variety of art collections, so whether you’re interested in African art, folk art, American art, or European art, you are likely to find your preference represented here.Finding a good spot to eat can be overwhelming due to the sheer number of restaurants located in the city. We decided to highlight three: West Egg café, Kimball House, and Crawfish Shack Seafood. West Egg Café classifies its food as southern comfort served in a modern, energetic environment. Kimball House serves classic and contemporary dishes using ingredients obtained directly from farms. The restaurant’s name was inspired by the Kimball House Hotel, a regal Atlanta landmark from the late 1800s. Crawfish Shack Seafood offers seafood that is seasoned with a spices used in Cambodian, Chinese, and Vietnamese dishes. The food is inspired by Louisiana Cajun food.Exploring Atlanta 2The Atlanta Beltline, a sustainable redevelopment project, will provide a network of public parks, multi-use trails, green space, and a comprehensive transportation system upon completion. Some areas of the beltline are already open to the public and many are taking advantage of the trails and skatepark to exercise or have fun skateboarding.

Get out and explore the many great attractions Atlanta has to offer! There’s no better time than now!

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Can you imagine leaping out of bed excited about the thought of learning? At the ages of 10-14? Most children can’t … but that’s exactly how students at the Ron Clark Academy, located in Southeast Atlanta, feel about their opportunity to learn!The school has received national and international accolades for its achievements in educating students using a rigorous academic curriculum and strict discipline code, while fostering an atmosphere filled with creativity, energy and passion.Ron Clark met with co-founder, Kim Bearden, in the Fall of 2004, to discuss opening a school of his own that would change the traditional teaching style and invoke a strong desire for learning within the students. His vision was realized on September 4, 2007 when the first inaugural class was welcomed.


He believes that educators should strive to teach the whole child and not just the curriculum. One method of his teaching style incorporates changing the words of popular songs and performing popular dance moves to help students remember material being taught.

 His unique academic program and desire to “meet children where they are” has earned him praise and recognition from celebrities like Oprah Winfrey and his academy provides training to more than 3,000 educators around the world. He hopes the educators would take the methods and techniques learned at the academy back to their schools and arouse the same level of passion for education among their students.

AEP would like to thank Ron Clark for his dedication to learning and uplifting students to reach their fullest potential.

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The ending of a year can spark a period of reflection for many and we’re no different here at AEP. We wanted to showcase the many faces we have encountered as we’ve captured meaningful moments at various events throughout the city. The different faces are an eclectic mix and remind us of the diversity that Atlanta is known for.

AEP Faces Collage

Some of the faces are familiar, like Baton Bob. He is a well-known entertainer, who performs on the streets of Atlanta, typically dressed in a tutu while twirling a baton. His goal is to bring smiles to the faces of those he comes in contact with daily.

Others may not be as familiar, but certainly add to the unique blend of people living and working in the city.

We came across a professional special effects artist, who builds horror attractions and haunted houses all over the country and has also worked on indie films and television.
We photographed a wedding stylist and florist, as well as a junior member of the American Silkie Bantam Club.

We met professionals at Zoo Atlanta and a gentleman enjoying the leisurely sport of golf on Candler Park Golf Course.

We encountered individuals enjoying one of the many festivals in Atlanta.
An Executive Chef at Bocado, located on Atlanta’s west side.
A woman shopping at the Sweet Auburn Curb Market, wearing a lively vest while selecting fresh vegetables.
As well as disabled athletes participating in a sporting event hosted by the Shepherd Center.
Last, but not least, we snapped a shot of a dog out on mid-day ride with its owners!

We are grateful to those who allowed us to record their momentous occasions. We wish everyone a Happy Holiday and Prosperous New Year!

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