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Now for something a little different!

We love events but we also love to shoot marketing and commercial work.  It is just a great change of pace to have all these different types of jobs- always something new here at Atlanta Event Photography.

We recently did a marketing shoot for Georgia Tech’s Office of Success.  This is an awesome concept: a department that is solely there to help you succeed in college.  And who couldn’t use a little help with that? They are moving to a new location in the fall of 2011- Clough Commons and they are rolling out new marketing to go along with the big move.

It was really great to be back at school for the day, although we might not have been QUITE as studious as these Georgia Tech smartypants students are!

Take a look at a couple of our favorite shots of the day:

110405gatech-0103 110405gatech-0038 110405gatech-0087 110405gatech-0098 110405gatech-0009

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In addition to the fabulous party featured below, EarthShare hosted a Green Screen Photo Booth at their annual Earth Day celebration! The guests had the option of some super cool earth, water and air backgrounds to choose from, and as you can see we got some really cute poses from the green friendly crowd!

The classic see no evil, hear no evil but with a jungle background!  lperkinsearth

Feather boas were optional 🙂 !


Hey, if you can’t make it to the sunset- we can bring it to you!


Overall a great addition to an already great party!

And to make it even better EarthShare added an email blast where partygoers can share the images with friends and colleges all over!  We emailed them this very pretty email of their image that they share as they please- How fun right? A great way to brand and market your event using your guests social network!

Screen shot 2011-05-06 at 9.08.05 AM

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EarthShare is an amazing organization that we are thrilled to be able to work with.  They are a great connector of individuals and organizations that care for the environment.  Their mission is: To engage individuals and organizations in creating a healthy and sustainable environment

For the fourth year in a row Atlanta Event Photography has been able to capture EarthShare’s annual breakfast where they honor some of the region’s top environmental organizations.

110421earthshareparty-0014 110420earthsharebreakfast-0181 110420earthsharebreakfast-0144 110420earthsharebreakfast-0060 

The annual breakfast, always held at the beautiful Georgia Aquarium, is accompanied by fun and lively Earth Day party, this year at Summerour! This new venue is already one of our favorite party spots in Atlanta.  It is a gorgeous space and run by the amazing folks at Novarre Events, you cannot go wrong with that!

110420earthsharebreakfast-0044110421earthshareparty-0310 110421earthshareparty-0277 110421earthshareparty-0251 110421earthshareparty-0227 110421earthshareparty-0130

To see the full gallery of party pics click HERE!

It is inspiring to be around people who care so deeply about what they do AND know how to have fun!

Thank you EarthShare for sharing your vision with us!

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Our newest entertainment service has taken the Atlanta Event Photography team to California and Louisville already this year.  We are so thankful to AGCO for the opportunity to meet the country’s greatest farmers and to be a part of increasing AGCO’s social networks.

We can blast any of our entertainment services directly to your guests’ inbox.

Frame the personalized photo with your branding and include direct links to any web page you would like in the HTML page created for you.


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