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Faces of Atlanta

The ending of a year can spark a period of reflection for many and we’re no different here at AEP. We wanted to showcase the many faces we have encountered as we’ve captured meaningful moments at various events throughout the city. The different faces are an eclectic mix and remind us of the diversity that Atlanta is known for.

AEP Faces Collage

Some of the faces are familiar, like Baton Bob. He is a well-known entertainer, who performs on the streets of Atlanta, typically dressed in a tutu while twirling a baton. His goal is to bring smiles to the faces of those he comes in contact with daily.

Others may not be as familiar, but certainly add to the unique blend of people living and working in the city.

We came across a professional special effects artist, who builds horror attractions and haunted houses all over the country and has also worked on indie films and television.
We photographed a wedding stylist and florist, as well as a junior member of the American Silkie Bantam Club.

We met professionals at Zoo Atlanta and a gentleman enjoying the leisurely sport of golf on Candler Park Golf Course.

We encountered individuals enjoying one of the many festivals in Atlanta.
An Executive Chef at Bocado, located on Atlanta’s west side.
A woman shopping at the Sweet Auburn Curb Market, wearing a lively vest while selecting fresh vegetables.
As well as disabled athletes participating in a sporting event hosted by the Shepherd Center.
Last, but not least, we snapped a shot of a dog out on mid-day ride with its owners!

We are grateful to those who allowed us to record their momentous occasions. We wish everyone a Happy Holiday and Prosperous New Year!

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