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Baron Samedi Spiced Rum Launch

The Graveyard Tavern in East Atlanta Village hosted a launch party for Baron Samedi, a brand of rum inspired by the Haitian Vodou spirit.Believed to be a spirit of the dead in Haitian lore, Baron Samedi is well known for his disruptive behavior and fondness of rum and folly.The dark, amber colored libation is made with high-quality rums from the Caribbean and natural spices. Then, blended with vanilla, nutmeg and hazelnut.The rum is designed to be mixed with cola or ginger beer, or stand alone as a shot.The venue’s atmosphere was a dash of mystique with elements of gothic, burlesque and nautical style.
In addition to lively music, patrons were served shots by beguiling women wearing dramatic make-up of skulls – resembling how Baron Samedi is often depicted in film and culture.AEP sends a special thank you to Peter van Schoick, Campari America, for allowing us the opportunity to capture this awesome moment.

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