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Atlanta’s Art Scene

A tour through Atlanta will quickly reveal its diverse art scene. The city is home to the High Museum of Art, various statues and sculptures, as well as, a booming collection of unique street and public art pieces.It has been my pleasure to capture many of these pieces. The vibrant colors and shape used in creating the art has been a photographer’s delight.Whether capturing a close up or wide shot, it’s been an awesome experience to witness the growing and thriving art scene in Atlanta.My projects have taken me into the heart of Atlanta to capture beautiful statues, sculptures, and tall buildings. It’s fascinating to see raw elements manufactured and crafted into pieces that add beauty to the surrounding environment.Not all of the sculptures are downtown, a few can be found along the Beltline. The Beltline is littered with beautiful pieces of visual art in the form of sculptures, nature, and murals.Eclectic colors, symbols and shapes create some  of the most stimulating pieces imaginable.The use of blues, yellows, and purples can leave the mind in a euphoric state. It’s a treat to capture this art through the lens of my camera. I try to bring the art to life and represent it in a way that would make the artists proud.Artist CollageI’ve been honored to capture pieces by artists such as: Molly Rose Freeman, Kyle Brooks, and William Massey. Each artist has made a contribution to the Atlanta Beltline. Molly’s work entitled, The Pigeon, can be found on the Northeast interim hiking trail under Piedmont Avenue.Kyle’s work entitled, Where the Bears Come From, is located on a tin shack next to Park Tavern right off of the Northeast hiking trail. Object of Wo(Man), created by Massey, can be found on the Eastside trail under Freedom Parkway.The first picture of this post states, “Everything is art”. It’s true! Art can be found in simple every day things. Visit the Office of Cultural Affairs’ website to find out more about the city’s public art collection, as well as, events that are happening around town.I urge you to get out and see the art explosion in the city. Find art in everything!

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