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2014 in Review: Photo Highlights

As photographers we’re consumed by every event and wrapped up in every moment we have the good fortune of documenting for our clients. Closing the calendar on a year is a rare opportunity to take a moment to look back and relive all of the wonderful events we’ve shot and the fascinating people we’ve connected with along the way. Please join us in a review of 2014 the AEP way — in pictures, of course.140201TKEEventLRM-0211

We are grateful for the incredible variety of experiences this year afforded us. We dined for a difference in support of Families First, watched special needs kids light up at the circus, and admired tired cyclists who pushed on to finish theĀ Bike MS: Cox Atlanta Ride. Our hearts were warmed by the community-building efforts of corporate leaders like Cox Enterprises and by the good work of CHOA.EDITB140207MagicalJourneyGasSouthLRM-0043140620SanDiegoAnimalChannelLRM-0114140916CHOACircleOfCareLRM-0126140319diningforadifferencelrm-0099140920CoxMS150LRM-0174

We saw people hard at work, celebrating the fruits of their dedication as well as the friendships and camaraderie that formed in the process. And we were thrilled to help celebrate and honor some of the hardest workers in our community–theĀ public servants and military personnel who fearlessly protect us.140326day4a-m-part2lrm-00511140517StrayerCommencementLRM-0133140517StrayerCommencementLRM-0128

fox-sports-tributetothetroops311140320aisofireangellrm-20Our encounters with the design community, including Vern Yip, the Traditional Home team and a host of talented design bloggers, were a feast for our eyes and camera lenses.140712LiveInVern140302TraditionalHomeBloggerConferenceLRM-0029140302TraditionalHomeBloggerConferenceLRM-0049

This wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the sheer fun and excitement of photographing talented musicians like Sheryl Crow, Rascal Flatts and Darius Rucker. On more than a few occasions we had stars in our eyes–but managed not to miss the great shots.140327SherylCrowPREditB&WLwrLro-0004140327EditBSherylCrowLwrB&WLRO-0013140325RascalFlattsLRM-0092

Thank you to all of our clients for helping make 2014 a successful year for Atlanta Event Photography. And if you haven’t yet worked with us, we’d welcome the opportunity to help you capture the most meaningful moments at your organization’s events in the coming year. I’m looking forward to exploring all that 2015 has in store with our amazing, talented team–Lyndsey Wright, Jason Hales, Sara Edelstein, Brandon Andrews, Kevin Liles and Brandon Perry. Happy New Year!140416EarthShareBreakfastJHaLRM-0073140424earthshareauctionjhalrm-3225123384-o

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